Friday, 30 May 2014


I went on a writing day today.  It's nice to be able to devote the whole day to it, although I wish more writing had been involved, and less talking.

My small notebook.  And some wine,
because it's Friday.
The woman leading it said that writing a letter is an act of creation (which I've heard in a few places recently), and that if we want to write other stuff, then we should buy some nice stationery and have a small notebook to carry around at all times and a big notebook for when we really want to concentrate on writing.


I do have a small notebook.  I use it when I haven't got wifi, or when I'm with people who might think it's rude of me to start doing stuff on my 'phone in front of them.  Stuff that gets written in the notebook sometimes makes it out into other formats.

Sometimes it doesn't.

I don't have a big notebook.  I have a folder, with lots of random bits of paper shoved in it.

If I'm doing proper writing (check me out - 'proper' writing) then I prefer to type - it's faster, so my thoughts can flow better.  If I'm writing a short story or an article, I just do it in Open Office (I can't stand Word, so I don't have it).  If I'm working on the book, then that's in Scrivener, because it helps me work out what I'm doing.  If I'm jotting down ideas for a poem, a story, or a blog post, then that goes into Evernote.  Via my 'phone if I'm out and about, or on my tablet, if it's around bedtime.

I knew a lad once who had his ENTIRE PhD written down in pen on paper, and was carrying it into University in his backpack, when he got mugged.  The thieves stole his backpack, and ran off.  His wallet was in his pocket.  But three years of hard work were in his backpack.

Luckily, he had a lot of mates, mates who scoured the streets of Headingley looking for the backpack.  Eventually they found it, tossed on a bonfire.  A bonfire which had not yet, thank goodness, been lit.  It was a bit messed up, but it was alright.

There is no way I would leave anything as important as a book on paper.  But I do like writing letters, and I really like receiving them (especially the ones from my Mum - they're awesome).

What about you?  Do you use a notebook?  Do you write letters?  What do you put down on paper? 

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