Saturday, 14 June 2014

Happy for 100 days: The last ten days

This is the end, beautiful friend...

That's enough of that isn't it!  I have come to the end of 100 happy days.  Finally!  And yet it seems to have slipped through my fingers and I'm slightly at a loss for what to do without it.

That's not true.  I've got the next thing lined up.  #10grumpydays, to provide a bit of balance, and in the hope that we'll find something to laugh at if we share our grumps.  

If you fancy taking part in #100happydays you can find out more here.  If you fancy joining me for #10grumpydays then take a pic, hashtag it, and post on Instagram or Facebook.  

Here are the last ten days of the 100 day challenge.

Day 91, scooting in lovely Largs.  I love the hardware shop on the left, they're always so incredibly helpful.  When the little girl's bike fell apart in town they fixed it, and charged me 9p for the new part.
Day 92.  Work in the garden continues (still)
Day 93 found us hitting the road to set off for a weekend of family fun.  Yay!
Day 94.  This is our family, with which we had fun.  So good to catch up with everyone, and meet a new girlfriend.  You've got to feel sorry for the poor lass, what a way to meet everyone!  I remember when I met the family - 26 of them in one day.  It's like marrying into the Waltons.
We went for a lovely walk beside the Tweed on day 95.  A beautiful day and a gorgeous spot.  So spoilt to be in Scotland in the summertime.
Back home and on day 96 the big girl reached the end of Rainbows.  She's absolutely loved it, and is really excited about being a Brownie after the summer holiday.  I'm a very proud Mum.
Day 97 found the little girl not well.  She's still not fully recovered from the nasty cold with a temperature, but I was very relieved to find that there was a reason for her truly horrible behaviour the day before.  I also think it's funny that she's climbed into my bed to sleep and positioned herself in the centre of the bed.  Thanks then.
While she was ill the little girl felt quite well in the mornings, and then got progressively worse, sleeping for a big chunk of the afternoon.  So I tried to take her out in the mornings for some leisurely fresh air.  On day 98 we explored the secret forest.
On day 99 we started the planting in the garden.  Many thanks to Granny for donating plants.
And finally, day 100 was pretty tough - everyone was tired and grouchy, and it was rainy.  The big girl came up with a design for a loom band and then set me to work making it while she got on with her car park designs (seriously NCP could learn a thing or two).  I was half way through doing it before I realised she'd given it me as therapy!
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The book challenge
Words at 7/6/14 - 85,000.  
45,500 words done since the challenge began, 11,500 last month.
Where I'm at in First Draft - Chapter 20.
What I did last - Killed the love triangle mwa ha ha.