Thursday, 12 June 2014

living without rushing

I go to a local writers group.  It's great.  It gets me talking to people I wouldn't otherwise have met, and it's constantly inspiring me.

One of my fellow writers (Jack Muir) ran a session wherein he raised some issues and asked us to answer them.  They were interesting questions, and I couldn't attend Jack's session, so I thought I'd address it here.  Here's Jack's first question:

What would you love to live without, and why?

What's your answer?

Personally, I would love to live without rushing.  I don't mind going places, but I generally have to go places with a three year old, whose aim in life is to find new ways to use the word 'no'.  I would love to be able to go at her pace, to enjoy the things we pass on our way to places, and not to be constantly hurrying her along to get to places in time.  

This is not just about making more time for things, it's about fitting too much in.  

I am the woman who lived in the shoe.  I have too many children, and sometimes I don't know what to do.

That's not true of course.  I only have three children, and I wouldn't be without any of them.  But I could live without the negotiating.  

Michael McIntyre summed it up beautifully:

Wednesdays are the worst at the moment.  Both the big kids have a class after school, at different times, so we have to go in the car to get them, then to go to class 1, to pick up from class 1 and take to class 2, and then pick up from class 2, all the while negotiating shoes and jackets, car seats, and the general fact that nobody wants to go unless it is just for them.


What about you?  What would you live without?

If you're feeling grumpy too, why not join me in the #10grumpydays challenge?  Starting on Saturday, you take a photo each day of something that makes you grumpy.  I suspect you'll see a picture from me of a child with no shoes on, sitting on the bottom step.

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