Sunday, 29 June 2014

mad about Dolly

Well Dolly Parton is playing Glastonbury.  She's all over the radio, and Twitter is abuzz about her, and who can blame them.

I don't get the Christianity or the crazy work ethic, but you've got to admire her strength, the sparkle of her personality, which she keeps going come what may, and of course, her immense ability when it comes to song writing.

Apparently Dolly's favourite Dolly Parton song is Coat of Many Colours - here's a video of her doing it back in 1979.  How she plays the guitar with those nails is beyond my ken.

What's my favourite?  There's a few contenders, but I'm afraid I'm going to plump for 9 to 5, because it's so true!  Which is impressive.  Has Dolly ever worked 9 to 5?  That sounds like a day off for her.

Of course, with so many fans, Dolly gets a lot of covers, but having a heart of black I'm tempted to go for The Sister's of Mercy cover of Jolene, sadly I can't find a good recording, so I'm going for The White Stripes instead, it's so incredibly sexy and sad the way Jack sings it here.

Dolly does lots of covers too.  Sadly, I can't find a Dolly cover of Bobbie Gentry's Ode to Billy Joe, so I'm going to go for the sheer joy that Harper Valley PTA instills in me.  It is so brilliantly described, you could see it happening (the video is just one of those annoying picture ones).  

So, what are your favourite Dolly songs?

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