Saturday, 28 June 2014

tracking the day

Life changes faster than we think.  When we've got kids in the mix we might notice it more, but changes are a happenin' all the time.

To help to remember what life is like at any particular time, I like to do a photo-diary of a day, taking a picture once each hour or thereabouts (I actually set a timer on my phone to remind me).  It doesn't have to be an exciting day, but this year I did it on the last day of term.

Here is what my day looked like.  What do your days look like at the moment? Any good days lately?

7am: The boy and I have been up since about 6.30am.  He's not allowed to get up until then, but he's an early riser.  I'm hoping he'll grow out of it one day.  I know I did.
8am:  This photo has been auto-awesomed by Google and I love what they've done with it.  It's really captured the dreamy feeling I wanted.  Thanks Google.  Between 7am and 8.20am we have breakfast, getting everyone washed and dressed, making sure school stuff is ready, and the children all get a little time to themselves.  Here's the little girl playing in the playroom.  At 8.20, it's time for hair brushing, before we get going to school.
9am: The kids are all at school (the little girl just goes for mornings), and the sun is shining.  It is lovely to have the stress of the school run behind you, and a little bit of time to yourself.  The first thing I do is turn the car stereo to Radio 4.
10am: I spend the first hour of my time off doing housework.  This morning I'd just finished hanging the washing out, and was about to start work on the garden.
11am: Still working on the garden.  On three school days a week I set aside 10-11am for writing, but today I'm killing weeds.
12 noon.  The little girl got picked up at 11.30am.  She'll be in nursery longer after the summer, which will be great!  Today we've popped to a friend's house to borrow some car seats we're going to need later.  I love her doorway, it's so welcoming.  I may have to blatantly copy it.
1pm: In a break from the norm the big kids are finishing school today at 1pm instead of the usual 3pm.  They've been playing games all morning, and are excited about the summer.  The boy is looking miserable because I've just broken it to him that I'm picking up 5 girls today.  Yay!  These are my three plus three of the big girl's awesome circle of friends.  She's a lucky girl.
2pm: We all headed down to the front at Largs and shared a picnic with lots of friends.  The boy was happy at last because one of his friends came too.  Here's Kenny and our friend Emma, who has just had a baby and is looking amazing (and her baby is beautiful too, and slept the whole time!)
3pm and the picnic is done, so ice creams all round, and fun on the grass and the beach.  I'm telling you.  This is the place to be.
4pm and we're back home, the girls playing in the garden in the sunshine.
5-7pm we went to K's parent's house.  We usually have tea with them on a Friday, which is brilliant.   I love not cooking, and the kids love being spoilt.  Plus they have a great garden which is a super playground for all of us. On this occasion we were shown the plants we could take for our garden (update coming soon), which is very exciting.
8-11pm Book Group!  We mainly did not get on with the book (The View from Castle Rock, by Alice Munro), and we all brought books to swap for next time.  We actually did discuss the book, but also drank wine, which is always a bonus.
Midnight: A quick walk home and I'm guided home by the light of our street lamp... I'll have a night disturbed by the little girl and be woken at 6.30am by the boy!  Still, sleep is for the weak. 

Because I love taking photos, now I've finished #100happydays and #10grumpydays I'm going back to Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day #fmsphotoaday.  Care to join me?  You'll find all the details, plus information on her new app, Little Moments, which looks awesome and is only currently available for Apple devices (boo hiss) here.

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