Friday, 18 July 2014

being cooked for

What's your favourite place to eat?

I'm not fussy (well, OK, so I am), but I really appreciate being cooked for by someone else. At someone else's house, or in a cafe (so long as the salad is acceptable). I used to quite like cooking, but that was when I had time to do it, and I could choose to make things that I liked.

It was before my lunchtime choices revolved around either cheese or ham sandwiches.

Now I cook, and someone will whine. Sometimes I choose to cook something slightly interesting and then more people whine.  It's tedious, and dispiriting, and really I'd rather not be working away in the kitchen (at least three times a day, every day), to produce food that will be whined at.

Eating out with family. The adults are happy!
So hoorah for cafes, hoorah for friends, and a special hoorah for my fabulous mother in law who has got in to the habit of making our tea on a Friday.  Thank you.

Where do you like to eat? And do you get whined at too?

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