Tuesday, 8 July 2014

changing the UK flag?

There are a lot of things that could come about should Scotland decide to go for independence in Scotland, and one that is being discussed at the moment is changing the flag of the United Kingdom.

At the moment, of course, it's the Union Flag. The Cross of St George (England), on top of the Cross of St Patrick (Ireland), on top of the Saltire (Scotland). Wales is not represented because it was officially subsumed into England at the time the Union Flag was created.

Suggested UK flag post Scottish independence, from here
So, in theory, the flag makers could simply take out the Saltire, and put in something from Wales, to create something a bit like this.

Some argue that it's a bit too Christian, and it is. But Britain is also still officially a Christian country so them's the breaks.

The trouble is of course that the Union Flag is such an icon. It's doing the job that flags are supposed to do. The Union Flag is on so many other flags around the world, because of British imperialism, that to change it would seem to me to be ridiculous.  

In addition to this, the Union Flag has never been formally adopted, so it is not as if a newly independent Scotland could demand the Saltire blue be removed from it.  I can't see them changing it myself.

And I'm hoping it doesn't become an issue.

Of course, there would be loads of stuff for a graphic designer to get busy with in an independent Scotland. I reckon they could make some pretty awesome money. I'm already a fan of the Scottish notes.

What do you think? If Scotland becomes independent, do you think they'll change the Union Flag?

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