Tuesday, 29 July 2014

having a crush on Heathcliff

Daft enough to do psychology for a pretty face
To be quite honest with you, I cannot remember how many A levels I signed up to do in the first place.  I think I may have switched streams a little at some point. Certainly I started off doing three different maths A levels (Maths, Further Maths, Maths and Statistics), but the teachers left before Christmas, so I didn't end up doing any.

I dropped out of Physics because the teachers were SO BORING. Which was a shame, because my teacher for GCSE had been brilliant.

I also dropped out of English, but that was because it clashed with Psychology, and I had to go to Psychology because beautiful, raven haired, Heathcliff did Psychology.

Rumour had it that Heathcliff was actually his real name, and that he lived with Goth parents on the Bradford moors in a house called Crows Nest.  I'm assuming that none of this is true. I might be wrong. Apologies if I am.

I don't know much about Heathcliff because despite having an enormous crush on him I never actually managed to meet him. He was touched upon by my circle of friends, and even went out with one lass briefly. Until he found out that she'd been fibbing about her name and was actually called Cathy. Oh well.

I did manage to stick with Sociology until the end, and I got a good A level in General Studies too, as well as a couple of other ones.  Enough to get me in to a degree (with a bit of life experience), and the degree was enough to get me into a Masters. I never again did a course or chose a module because I had a crush on someone.

I've not seen Heathcliff since I gave up on Psychology, but I do think of him whenever I hear the song Wuthering Heights.

Did you ever do something stupid because of having a crush on someone?

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