Thursday, 17 July 2014

walking up that hill

We're enjoying the summer holidays, but we're also suffering from a severe bout of inertia. The children are clear. They do not want to get washed. They do not want to get dressed. They do not want to leave the house.

It was raining the other day and I gave in to their demands, it resulted in a giddy and grumpy day at home. Although mattress sliding was a big hit.

mutiny #1
I've come to the conclusion that whatever they say, kids, like puppies, need to be exercised. So this morning I packed up a picnic and set out with them for a walk.

The plan was to go from Douglas Park in Largs, up the hill to the viewpoint, back down, to check out the ancient burial site, and then over the incredibly busy road which could seriously use a crossing, to the play park.

When we set off only two of the three children were whining, and I was trying to rise above them. Quite literally. It's really rather enjoyable to walk away from a whining child.

A gorgeous day for a walk

We set off up the hill, and quickly came to the first set of daunting stairs.  The youngest child attempted to stage a mutiny at this point, and we agreed to have a rest. None of the children were talking to me (which was rather pleasant). So we stopped, and enjoyed the sunshine, while eating a snack. That helped give the big kids a bit of energy, and they set off up the hill, while I hauled the little girl up. She was not happy about it, although she did have happy moments.

None shall pass
It gets a bit steep, but it was a lovely day, and the views made up for the climb. The kids though were getting really grumpy when we came to a gate, with a warning on it about cows.

We have had a situation with cattle before, when the boy ran into a field of bull calfs who were at that tricky age. Eek!  He doesn't fancy that happening again.

I couldn't see any cows, and suggested we go on regardless, but we couldn't get the blooming gate to open!  This was all that was needed for mutiny #2, and the children declared it lunch time and ran off down the hill to find a suitable picnic stop.

Mutiny #2
It's important to accept when you're beaten.

So we went down the hill to some benches where we had our picnic. The children decided they needed the toilet so we headed down to the toilets we'd seen signposted in Douglas Park.  Which were closed!  Honestly, why keep the signs up if the toilets are closed?  We were not impressed. Happily the children decided that they could all wait a bit longer, so we went to see the ancient burial site.

I'm glad we saw it, but it's a shame there isn't any information about it.  A little board would be good.

The kids were getting a bit fed up by this point, so we headed to the park across the road from Douglas Park. It took us ages to cross the road that needs a crossing, but then we had fun in the park, which was just the right amount of busy.

Ancient burial site.
The funny thing is that after having this exercise, the children were not only much happier in themselves, but they also volunteered to play out when we got home.  It's ended up being a rather marvellous day!

So what have you been up to?

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