Friday, 5 September 2014

choosing a favourite Beatle

Picture of my Mum, in her
Two Virgins top, taken by
my sister.
Which is your favourite Beatle?  I know that half of them are dead, one is Thomas the Tank Engine, and the other one is Paul, but let's imagine that they're back in their hey day and pick one.

Back in the day, my Mum tells me, there were only two options - you could be in camp Paul, or camp John. George and Ringo were just not on the table. Mum was, and still is, a big fan of John. Can you tell?

Nowadays though, you can be a fan of whoever you like, and I'm plumping for George. Apparently, I'm not alone. There's a quiz here, to guess your favourite Beatle, and the comments would suggest that there are a lot of George fans out there (or that George fans are more likely to comment).

The Beatles may have been the first, but there is still the idea that each personality in a boy band is a different 'type', and fans still pick one. Believe me, I spent a whole day painting 'I <3 Harry/Zayn/Louis/Niall/Liam' (or 1D for those who hadn't chosen a camp yet) on young girl's faces at a school fair recently. 

The Beatles provide a good example of the types.  There is:

John: Troubled rebel, life and soul of the party, sexy and wild. See also Robbie Williams, Liam Gallagher, and Harry Styles.

Paul: Clean cut boy next door, well behaved. See also Ronan Keating, Gary Barlow, and Liam Payne(?).

George: The alternative one, often a bit quiet, not quite fitting in. See also Shane Lynch (although not quiet), Jason Orange, and Tony Mortimer.

Ringo: The sweet one. In Ringo's case he was painted as being a bit dim, well, he was the drummer, but also lovable. See also Steven Gately and Mark Owen.

Some bands also have a token minority person, see Zayn Malik in 1D. No boy bands have a gay one on purpose as yet, as far as I know. Steven Gately was pretty effectively locked into the closet, and if there is a gay or bi one in 1D, they are yet to admit it.

So, who's your favourite Beatle? And, do you have any favourites from other boy bands? Which 'type' are they?

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