Thursday, 9 October 2014

loving October's work

I used to think that Autumn was my favourite season, although since I've been living in Scotland Summer has been growing on me. I am definitely at my happiest when I'm warm and dry. However, on a nice day (and by that I mean sunny, or possibly misty), I do love this time of year. Nature celebrates the end of long summer days, by getting her glad rags on ready for the long nights of winter. I love the greens of summer, but am glad to see the beautiful reds and golds, and mysterious mists of Autumn.

I suspect I'm such a big fan of Autumn because my birthday falls just before Halloween, so as a kid my birthday parties were often Halloween parties, featuring bobbing for apples, and marshmallows on strings, as well as dressing up, and lots of sweets and cakes.
I used to love going trick or treating too. Happily I still get to go, because my children need to be taken, but I don't usually get to dress up, which is a shame. I love the Scottish tradition of guiseing, with the children memorising spooky songs and jokes, rather than the English way which basically just involves begging for sweets and minor vandalism. I'm 
from Yorkshire, where we kept the vandalism for mischief night on 4th November, and just dressed up and begged for sweets at Halloween (I believe the idea is that people would give the spirits goodies to make them go away).

Every year the Headteacher would tell us that Mischief Night was cancelled. Every year it would go ahead anyway. The vandalism was bad, some people would go way too far. Personally I was a fan of toilet roll streamers, rather than any actual criminal damage!

But before we get to Halloween we have the October holiday. It was good to get back to school after the long summer holidays, but after a few weeks of morning rush, ferrying the children to after school clubs, and squeezing in all the homework (not that I object to homework, but it is often dull, repetitive, and frustrating for all of us), I will be glad of a pause. We're mainly going to be at home for this one, which delighted my son, who is an avid gamer, until we broke it to him that we'll be doing day trips: museums, castles, swimming, and visiting friends. 

And I suspect we'll fit in a bit of gaming too. 


What does the rest of October have in store for you?

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