Tuesday, 18 November 2014

drowning in cushions

I was intrigued when my friend Susan posted a link on Pinterest to Tico and Tina's post on easy decluttering: 20+ things you can get rid of without even noticing.

I thought I'd give it a try, so started with point one: CUSHIONS.

Tico and Tina call them pillows, and lump them in with pillows (is that an American thing?), but I'm sure they're talking about cushions and pillows, because I've never heard of a decorative pillow. Here's what they say: 
Pillows – Do you have decorative pillows that just get in the way? Maybe you have old pillows stashed in a closet somewhere that you never bothered to get rid of. We had a few randoms floating around our house that didn’t really get used at all.
Well, since you're asking... you may recall I recently did up the boy's room, and made his bed into a proper day bed while I was at it. This is the theory of what it looks like:

 And this is the reality:

See that big pile at the foot of the bed? That's all those cushions! That's where they live now.

I was tempted to move them back to the living room, where they came from originally, but, to be honest, they haven't been missed, and the boy has over-ruled me, so they're (mostly) still there.

A bit of a fail then.

However, having admitted that we have enough in the living room, I have taken cushions off my shopping list. Which is a shame, because I had some beauties on there. Here are the fab cushions I had my heart set on. All from IKEA. You can find loads of IKEA cushions here.
Vinter 2014 cushion cover £4

Knappsav cushion £3.50
Snabbvinge cushion cover £4
Skavgras cushion £3.50

Not buying new cushions is pretty much the same as decluttering, right? Right?

How are your decluttering skills? They've got to be better than mine.