Monday, 10 November 2014

in the dark

So, you probably know that it is actually a thing that as the nights get longer, people get glummer. It's not just for people with SAD, everyone gets a lower mood when we get less light.

This is probably why people have always had a big party at the darkest time of the year. You've got to mark that change, that the days are going to get longer, and you've also got to have something to cheer everyone up. Trouble is, you're celebrating in the dark, so it can get a bit stressy.

Did you know though, that rats, who are nocturnal (we're diurnal - even Goths), get more depressed when they don't get enough darkness! This is the good times for the rats, whereas in summer, they need to don their little ratty shades, and hide out in a nightclub for a while. There's a nice article on the study here.

Does the dark get you down? It does me.

Just to finish off I love it when I come to my blog and the stats are showing me a nice round number of readers, today I've reached 32,000, and I'm really grateful for that. If you like reading, then please, share share share. Now I'm off to watch Scandal.