Sunday, 30 November 2014

seeking quality over quantity

At the start of the month I thought that the way out of the worries I had about the blog was quantity. The more I wrote, I thought, the more useful stuff I'd have.

Done is better than good, I thought.

There's truth in that. Nobody writes good work all the time, and everything has potential, but producing lots of fluff is, I've concluded, not what I want to be doing (not on purpose anyway), so having had a little mental health break just now, I've decided that taking this forward I'm going to be blogging less and focusing on the other important things in my life. 

When I do blog it will hopefully be more useful one way or another.

When I don't, I'll have more time for making stuff, for exercise, and having fun with my kids. I'll also have more time for other writing, which immediately makes me think I should be doing more on the book, but that will come.

A friend once noted, while I was worrying that my housework wasn't up to snuff, that I was unlikely to say on my death bed that I'd not done enough housework. She was right. I also cannot imagine saying that I wish I'd blogged more. So, I'm focusing on the important things, to try to ensure I get to that death bed later, with few regrets.

This is the last day of November, and the last No[edit]vember post. But there will be more posts. Just you wait and see.