Wednesday, 12 November 2014

thinking out loud

I'm tired today, and it's November, so I haven't got the wherewithal to string my thoughts together coherently.

Instead, I thought I'd go for a brain dump - just share what's going on in my mind. I'd love to know what's going on in yours?
Katsuma - what's on his mind?
Fish, ham, and comfy bags

That's assuming there's something going on in my brain... is there? Of course!

1) Why I'm tired

I decided it would be a good idea to enter a novel writing competition after a friend brought it to my attention (thanks Cate). Initially I thought I wouldn't, because I figured that they wouldn't be interested in my type of novel, but then I got a couple of short story rejections.

You know it is fine, to get rejections. You're piece is not what they're after, or it covers the same ground as someone else's. It is dispiriting to wait for ages to hear, and then get a generic feedback letter, from which you can only really guess why they didn't want your story, but it's a bit like applying for a job, you don't tend to get especially useful feedback there either, and a lot of the time it's about perceived fit, rather than whether you're good or not.

But you're way more likely to be rejected if you're not good.

So, I'm moving on, I've sent a story off to a friend for some criticism, and I'm focusing on other stuff. Maybe I'm better suited to long form stories.

So last night I wrote a synopsis for my novel (which I am so not sharing with you, because then you'd know the story, but it did make me feel like the story was good), and tidied up the first 3,000 words, and sent them off for the competition.

I've had a look at the judges, and I don't think they're going to like it, because it's not really the genre they work in. That said, it's not likely to overlap with many other competitors, and writing a synopsis was a good thing to do (and really interesting that I could write different synopses for the same story, stressing different points for people with different interests). So I'm glad I did it, but not glad I stayed up until midnight faffing with it.

2) November

My mother in law has a beautiful house in a beautiful location. It's her garden that features in the picture currently at the top of my blog. Her living room has large windows looking out to sea, and you could while away the hours watching the ships and the weather go by. But she admits that she hates November, when the sea is grey and the sky is grey. Meh. It's dark, it's getting darker. It's cold (although not very), it's getting colder. It's wet. I don't like it, but I'm already looking forward to December :-) Meanwhile, here's the Art of Noise.

3) My Dad is being really thoughtful with his Christmas present this year. That sounds bad. He's always really thoughtful, but this time he's going well out of his way. It's really appreciated, but it does remind me that I miss him (and the rest of my family), and wish I could manage to see them more often. No doubt it will work out. Meanwhile I'm looking for a dirt cheap holiday home to stay in in Ilkley at some point over the next year. Let me know if you've any leads (or if you fancy doing a house swap to Largs).

4) There is no point in being grumpy about doing all the laundry when you won't give anyone else a chance to do it. I need to face facts. I quite like doing it. Ironing on the other hand, is another matter. Ironing can get lost (and school uniform with it).

5) Are burglar alarms any use for catching burglars? Or do they just give potential burglars a chance to run away while all the neighbours are cursing the affected house?

6) We have a holiday weekend this weekend. I have no idea why.

That is all. My brain is now empty.  What's on your mind?