Thursday, 4 December 2014

celebrating achievement

Let us pause in life's concerns and count all our achievements. 

I'm not about to do a review of the year (yet), don't worry, but this is a great time of year to celebrate what we've done. 

At the kids' school, they have a weekly assembly, during which children are singled out from each class to celebrate their achievements that week. It could be that they've aced a spelling test, it could just be that they haven't lost any golden time that week. Also those that have achieved outside of school are also noted, and then the whole school sing everyone a song to congratulate them:
Well done, you did your best, Well done, we're so impressed, Well done, congratulations, You deserve the praises... 
It's not the greatest song, but it does teach the children that trying hard is worth the effort, and it also fosters a positive ethos. I'm a fan.

Practicing Christmas songs. It's the joy on their little
faces... lol
Talking of effort, my daughter's class are running a Christmas market this year, selling crafts they've been making, to raise money for the schools. They are all so proud of the work they've done, not just making stuff, but planning and marketing as well, and I am looking forward to seeing it. 

Kids in all the schools are putting lots of effort into their various Christmas shows and services at this time of year, and I promise I will cry at all of them. I cried at a school nativity already this week, and my children weren't even in it. I'm going to be a snivelling mess at the one they are in!

What am I crying for? The kids work so hard to get all this stuff to work, every single show is the result of hours of work from families, from teachers, and from the kids themselves. They're nervous to be standing up there, but they help each other out and they do it, and it's funny, and lovely, and wonderful. Each stage is full of potential and hope, and celebrating what they've achieved so far is the best way to encourage those little lights to shine.