Monday, 1 December 2014

excited about Christmas

A single, child-free friend of mine was observing moaning the other day that Christmas is all over the shops the TV, everywhere. He said it's just a money pit with rubbish TV, rubbish weather, and nothing to do, especially for the likes of him.

Now I want you to picture the video for Shakespeare's Sister's Stay (it's here, if you're too young to know what I'm talking about), with my friend playing the whiney Marcella Detroit, begging people to step away from the tinsel, while I, grinning like a loon, come down the stairs behind in a glittery catsuit (that may be taking it too far), crowned in tinsel and singing Jingle Bells.

Maybe it's because I've got children, but I LOVE Christmas. It's a totally magical time of year. I love the singing, the food, the gift giving, the tree, I love making stuff, the colour scheme, the uncomfortable pews, and all the shows and parties. It is just plain awesome.

I'm incredibly proud of how neatly I'm managing
to do this crocheting for the Christmas wreath,
inspired by the insanely good one from Attic 24.
You'll find that here
I do try to hold off until December though.

It's been hard this year. We've had to do some Christmas crafts early for the school, I'm already making a new Christmas wreath, and we've all been practicing songs for various things. But we have kept the house pretty tinsel free so far.

That all changes on 1st December with advent calendars and SPARKLE DAY at the school. The girls will be wearing sparkly frocks, and the boy has agreed on a Christmas jumper (he doesn't do sparkles, he's 9). I will be wearing my Christmas jumper too, and it's just as hideous as I remember it being.

After that we have a raft of events, including Kelburn Primary's Nativity play (they get that in early), Brisbane's nativity play (my daughter is a villager - so excited), Christmas lights, markets, carol concerts and craft fairs (I'm really looking forward to the one at Kelburn), a trip to the pantomime, and of course, shopping and wrapping, and donating to those people whom Santa might not get to this year. 

Christmas jumpers - Yay!
I've got family coming to visit between Christmas and New Year, and I can't wait to see them, to enjoy all the fun family films, board games, and jigsaw puzzles, and spending time together.

A wee sprinkling of snow would be much appreciated. Just enough to sledge on, for two days when nobody has to go anywhere. My thanks, weather gods.

As for my miserable friend, I do feel for him, re-watching family films at Christmas is no fun without others, especially the joy of introducing them to people you love. I would invite him to ours, but I suspect he'd rather have a long lie, some good vodka, and a good tall pew to hold onto at the midnight service.