Monday, 22 December 2014

shopping at Yours: My new favourite clothes shop.

I've not been feeling happy about shopping lately. Trudging around shops like M&Co to see lots of blue, pink and purple things, mainly made out of polyester. They might fit me, but I wouldn't want anyone to see me wearing them.

The alternative is online shopping, which is always risky. Women's clothes sizes are notoriously vague, and change from shop to shop, and indeed from item to item. I find I send back most of the things I order from Evans or Simply Be, and that is so dispiriting.

I was near ready to give up, but then Tess Holliday - an American model whose attitude I love, modelled some stuff from Yours, and was over in the UK for the occasion. I found out more - did I have a chance of meeting Tess while she was over here?

No. She's gone home already, to hang out with her new husband, but I did get drawn in to having a look at the clothes she's been talking about at Yours.

It's not the first time I'd considered Yours. Nancy Whittington had recommended one of their jackets for me for Autumn. I bought it and it was perfect, but I thought that that might be a one off.

It wasn't. I got some bits from Yours with some Christmas money, expecting to send half of it back. It is almost all perfect. Well made, with quality fabric, and true to size. The only thing that isn't perfect is still great, and they're not getting it back. Yours is my new go-to shop. So I thought I'd share some things I bought, and some of their other gems so you can see for yourself.

I got this gorgeous butterfly print dres/top/tunic thing. You'll find it here, currently in the sale at £16.
I got this top, which the picture doesn't do justice. It fits beautifully, and is so flattering, with a lovely flower print, and a keyhole detail (which doesn't show your bra) at the back. Currently only £12 here
This top/dress/tunic isn't in yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing it on a model (or I could model it if you send me a review garment Yours!), because it looks sassy but flattering at the same time. It's going to be £30, and you'll find it here.
I saw this playsuit here, and thought it would be perfect for my gorgeous little sister, who has just unveiled a new tattoo on her thigh (I'd share a pic, but it's her thigh). It's currently £12 but sadly is only available down to a size 16. You can get things at Yours from size 14 to size 36.
I also thought I'd share this jumper, because it's fab. It's currently £14 and you'll find it here.
If you're like my Mother in Law, and you like all that purple stuff, then here's a nice blouse for £23, it comes in various different prints. I like the polka dot black and white one.
And these shorts would suit my Mum for a Tenerife holiday, and they're only £7 at the moment!