Saturday, 31 January 2015

grateful for a fabulous gift: my Windows 8 experience so far

My Dad was really generous this year for Christmas, and surprised me with a new computer. I'm not going to pop a picture of it here, because it's a computer, and you've probably seen one.

This computer though, is mine. Just mine. It is so good to have a computer that is mine, rather than having to share with everyone, and I am slowly getting the hang of Windows 8. I find that the annoying page of squares doesn't pop up all the time if I avoid the mousemat. And surely there must be a way to make it stop appearing randomly? Although, I am starting to use the page of squares now, a little bit.

I don't get much time at the moment for writing on the computer (or playing Sims 4), but that will change soon enough. My youngest is starting school this year!

Here's what I like about my new computer, and its Windows 8 OS so far:
  • I use Open Office, which I like much more than the Windows equivalents (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) and that seems to work much better on my new computer than the old one (which attempted to download Word whenever I tried to open a document). 
  • Photos are beautifully displayed, and are easy to edit. Here's one from last April which I rediscovered today.

  • I love that the computer starts up incredibly fast, and the battery lasts a long time too.
  • I'm getting the hang of Sims 4 too. It does do a lot less than Sims 3, which is a shame, but it runs so much better (since my husband fixed the glitches), and faster, and I'm enjoying the idea that Sims have to be in the mood to do things.
I am also very grateful to my husband, who helped me figure out the computer I wanted, who ordered it, with more memory, to make it more useful for me, and who set it up with the special programmes I wanted (Open Office and Scrivener), and with the Sims 4 because he knows I love to play the Sims, and Sims 4 wouldn't work on the last computer.

So thanks Dad, and thanks to my husband. You've made me feel appreciated and valued, and also very well cared for, and I really appreciate it.

This is my fifth week of the gratitude challenge, and I am noticing what Esther of Local Adventurer, noted. It's hard to do these gratitude posts. I'm familiar with the idea of counting blessings (quietly), but to talk about it out loud (or to post blog posts on the topic), is awkward. It feels boastful, and also mawkish, and I sometimes feel I just don't want to. But I'm glad I am doing. Oh we do... is pushing me to accentuate the positive, and that's always a good thing.