Monday, 5 January 2015

grateful: week one of the gratitute challenge

So, while faffing about on Pinterest the other day I came across this gratitude challenge, from Esther and Jacob over at Local Adventurer (a really smashing American based blog, check it out). They've already spent a year being grateful for stuff, and they've extended the invitation to everyone else. This is a blogging challenge whereby each week you consider what you're grateful about. Plus, they've put together prompts for each week for people who want to give it a try themselves. You'll find it hereWhy not join me?


Why start this challenge?

When I started this blog I called it 'Oh we do love to be...' because I wanted it to be positive.

I'm not saying we should be like dancing pixies, happy all the time, but a bit of mental hygiene definitely helps. Part of that is getting enough sleep (trying to go to bed at 10pm is doing wonders for my attitude), part of it is taking time for oneself, and time to stop, just for a little while.

It is also good to count one's blessings from time to time, and that's where the gratitude project comes in. Plus I'm way better at joining in other people's challenges. Like #snaphappybritmums and #fmsphotoaday, I am looking forward to taking a little time each week to think about the good stuff, because focusing on it makes you remember it's happening.

So, who's with me?