Thursday, 12 March 2015

inspired by Fat Mum Slim

For this week's installment of the gratitude challenge I get to talk about someone who inspires me.

My friend Sheila, of the blog, Life with 4 Bairns introduced me to Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge in 2012. I loved taking part in the challenge, because it made me stop just taking the same old pictures of my kids, and thinking about things a bit more, being more creative, and actually capturing the glory of the everyday, not just birthdays and outings. She's even inspired me to buy more kit... not very good kit yet, but it may happen. I wrote about what I get out of Photo a Day here.

Fat Mum Slim is Chantelle Elem, a social media savvy Australian Mum who blogs about blogging, photography, cakes (lots of yummy cakes) and other recipes, and being a Mum. Her website is fresh and clean, and easy to navigate, and I just think she's awesome.

Photo a Day helps you to do a little, often, which has a big impact on how good stuff is. My photos aren't as good as top photographers like the awesome Rob Marrison, but they're better than they used to be. 

I decided that I should be writing a little bit every day too. So Fat Mum Slim inspired me to start my own blog, and also to start writing the fabled book (I'm on the second draft, I promise, it's just taking ages). She's also inspired me to make my blog as good as it can be (for me), and is my go-to for tips and advice.

When I'm stuck on what to do, I sometimes use the photo-a-day prompts to write little haikus. They are rubbish and I won't share them, but they get the creativity flowing.

I've never made one of her recipes though, they look too good, especially the Tim Tam Tart (UK types - you'll need Penguin biscuits for this).

So, this being gratitudinal and all, I thought I would say thank you to Chantelle, for being a complete, gorgeous, bright and breezy, beautifully graphic-designed, marvel, who has inspired me lots.

Thank you.