Wednesday, 1 April 2015

at Portencross

Woods in Largs - we cut some wild garlic leaves to
make homemade garlic bread. Yum.
Thank goodness for that! Spring has sprung, the grass is ris. I know it's just a matter of the earth continuing its progress around the sun, but I can totally understand celebrating the re-emergence of the world from Winter.

Flowers are appearing, and so are we. We've been out enjoying the sunshine (when we get it), and we've got plans for lots of day trips over the Easter holidays. We are also thrilled that lots of things are opening back up again. Kelburn and Mount Stuart have got Easter egg hunts, and other fun things to do, which should be fun, if a little pricey.

However, our favourite family fun days tend to involve spending less money, and having picnics. A trip to Eglinton or Pollok parks is always good, and we also love a day at Portencross.

Portencross castle is re-opening for the season on Friday 3rd April, and will be open throughout the Easter holidays, and after that every weekend. You can visit for free, although donations help the volunteers who run the castle to keep it going. A castle like that needs maintenance!

The view from Portencross
We love to park up in Portencross' generous FREE car park (parking beside the road is not safe, and causes problems for local access), visit the castle, clamber on rocks, enjoy the beach (just a short walk up the road), and follow the coastal path up toward Hunterston. It's a brilliant spot for photography too, however good you are.

Do you remember that BBC personality test that came out the other day? The one that said that most of the people that live in Scotland are nice, easy going types, who don't like to do as they're told? There's an online quiz here which tells you where you're ideally suited to live. It reckons I should move to Greenock (I'll let you draw your own conclusions), but I'd rather live in Portencross, if anyone fancies swapping houses?

Portencross is lovely on a sunny day, but I like it best when it's quiet, and I can stand by the castle, looking out toward Arran and the wee Cumbrae, and imagine who else might have stood there in the hundreds of years before (or in the previous castle, up the hill).

If you've not been yet, now's your chance. Have fun.