Friday, 17 April 2015

uninventing: if you could uninvent anything what would it be?

I made a list of inventions the world would be better off without and, one by one, I uninvented them all. - from And Weep, Like Alexander by Neil Gaiman (in the short story collection, Trigger Warnings 2015)
What would you uninvent?

It might be top of some people's lists but I love my phone and wouldn't uninvent it. 

My husband reckons he'd go for nuclear bombs. 

I think maybe ISIS, although I fear it's like the Hydra and every snake head you lop off has two grow in its place. 

Similarly with UKIP, if it wasn't them spouting their hateful nonsense it'd be Britain First or the BNP or some other hideous monstrosity.

Mind you, without nuclear bombs I think we'd have battled each other with anthrax or something.

We humans are amazing in our inventiveness when it comes to maintaining savagery.

So that's something to be proud of.

Have you got a good idea?