Thursday, 7 May 2015

catching the sun: kids suncatchers and how to make them

Is it just me, or is it still chuffing freezing?

It's Springtime weather gods! Spare us your winter winds and rain (and the hail and snow can stop too).

While we were stuck inside because of torrential rain the other day, we were reminiscing about our holiday to Somerset last year. It's well worth a visit if you haven't been yet. Read more about our visit here.

My son was talking about the stained glass windows in the Lady Chapel at Wells Cathedral. The medieval (C14) glass was broken during the Civil War (C17), and, unable to recreate the previous pattern, the window was rebuilt out of jumbled fragments.

My son loves that, and it did look very impressive, and showed a plucky spirit which I liked.

We decided to make something to remind us of those windows, so I had a look for suncatchers - after all, with the weather like this, we've got to catch as much sun as you can!

The Artful Parent seems to be your place to go for suncatcher ideas. They've got millions. Well, more than 50. Have a look.

We cut frames out of cardboard boxes (cereal boxes/snack bar boxes/chocolate egg boxes are idea), and then taped white baking parchment to them (taping it to the reverse side).

We then cut up a limited palette of tssue paper colours, and mixed them up in a tupperware box, before painting a thin layer of PVA glue onto the baking parchment, and sticking on bits of tissue paper.

Here's the end results.

The top one is by the big girl, and she's got a better finish on her sun catcher, but I think this is especially good for little kids, as you can get something that looks great pretty simply.

And let's hope that next time we catch the sun, we manage to hold on to it!