Friday, 15 May 2015

cinching it in: 5 wide belts I love.

I've been dieting with Slimming World since the beginning of this year, and have finally had to admit I've gone down a dress size.

I'm at that awkward bit of losing weight - I've dropped a size and some of my clothes are too big, but I'm not yet small enough to get into the things in the loft. I must have been this size on the way up, surely? 

Anyway, I don't want to buy lots of new clothes in this size, so I'm making the most of the things I've got, and amending some of them to fit me better, and to suit me better.

With the summer holidays coming up I did buy some new clothes, and I shared a picture on Facebook of some of my new outfit options. I invited opinion from my friends, as I wasn't sure what I should keep.

I got lots of opinion. EVERYONE liked the middle outfit the best.  But here's the thing - the middle one was the most annoying of the three outfits. It was the least comfortable, and required the most underwear. 

My friend Emma said, "Middle give you shape, form and life. Rest are just drapes or sacks. Go wild and give your lovely shape a proper outing."

Comment was also made about my legs.

I pondered this.

I could see what everyone meant, but I was comfy in those sacks!

I came to the conclusion that the answer lay in a wide belt.

With a wide belt (+ a vest and a shrug), I can turn my maxi skirt into a dress short enough to show off my legs on days when it isn't FREEZING.

With a wide belt I can cinch in the waist of a sack-like maxi dress to make it much more flattering, and to break up the pattern a bit.

I can also use it to get more wear out of my too-big clothes (I'm also amending them with scissors and needle).

I suspect I'm going to need more wide belts, so I've been browser window shopping and thought I'd share some of my favourites with you.

Apparently, wide belts work best on tall women. If you're shorter, you might want a narrower belt.

Although I suspect I'd still want a wide belt if I were shorter, because I love the little bit of pirate chic it adds to an outfit.

Here's a new thing I'm doing - on Fridays on the blog I'm sharing 5 good things. 

So, I've had a look for some gorgeous wide belts, and here are my recommendations (you can click on the image to be taken to the store). Prices are correct at the time of writing (15/5/15), and do not include delivery.

This tan cutout PU belt is from Dorothy Perkins. This is currently £12, and I really like the look of the overlaid skinny belt.

I found this belt which is leather and elastic on Amazon. It's currently £7.79.

This PU elasticated belt is from ASOS, and fastens at the back with press-studs. I love it's 80s vibe. The price is currently £10.50
I think that this leather Obi waist belt might be my favourite of the lot. You could go questing in this belt. It's currently £20. 

This belt from Yours is the bargain of the bunch as it's currently been reduced to £2. It is described as 'leather look' so I guess it's PU, with an elasticated section and a narrow bit at the front. I'm not sure how flattering those narrow bits are, but at £2 I'd definitely buy it if I was buying other stuff from Yours.