Wednesday, 13 May 2015

grateful for our health

It can be mawkish at times, this gratitude challenge. I'm supposed to be grateful for our health this week, but I don't think I'm very good at being grateful.

I expect good health. It doesn't always happen, and we get through that, although it can be really hard. Mental health issues are hard because they can be really hard to talk about, but physical health issues can have similar problems.

Also, ill health is just so tiresomely boring. For everyone. It's horrible being the ill one, and it's horrible living with them. Adjusting to the ramifications of the illness can be more horrible still. Read more about my fun experiences with pain here.

So again, I feel I'm not so much grateful for our health when it's good, as relieved. And when someone's health is bad, well that ranges from annoying (why oh why do my children always get sick immediately after holidays?) to chuffing furious, about my brother getting cancer twice, and about the people who have died. I'm grateful that my brother hasn't died; but mostly I'm furious about what he's been through, and terrified lest he, or anyone else important to me (and apologies for the callousness of that), should have to go through that again.

And of course, we will. 

Let us not be grateful for the days it doesn't happen. Let us fight to make more of those days. We are big fans of Orchid  - a charity fighting men's cancers; but there are lots of brilliant organisations out there. I am grateful to them for all the work they do, and to all the doctors and nurses, and related professions who work so hard to make those hard days less hard, and to make serious illness less serious, and less common.

Let's all support them, and support our NHS.