Sunday, 17 May 2015

happy in April

Sorry it's late - it completely slipped my mind to be honest! But here are a few of the photos I took for the #100happydays mission in April. 

Have you done the #100happydays challenge? If so, did you keep on checking to see if you were really still supposed to be doing it, because it does seem to drag on a bit!

However, it's always good to focus on the positive. Stuff like this:

My sister came to visit, and we went up the Lighthouse in Glasgow. That's one awesome view.
The weather got pretty good, and my husband broke out the brazier, which makes him happy.

I rediscovered colouring in because of Valentina Designs fabulous artwork, which I just can't resist.

We went to see The Kelpies, which were awesome.

I went for a walk with a camera and found a heron!

We had a great time visiting my brother in Manchester.

My little boy got sick, but was well cared for and got better again

The weather was sometimes really rather good

We planted up the garden with lots of lovely plants (which don't look half so good following some rubbish weather)

I spent time building lego with my big girl.
What good stuff did you do in April?

Promise to get the May one to you a bit quicker!