Friday, 22 May 2015

listening: 5 podcasts/radio programmes worth listening to.

Today I'm sharing 5 podcasts or radio programmes which I've listened to lately, and found interesting. What are your thoughts on them? And what have you been listening to that's worth sharing?

1. First up is Howard Jacobsen on A Point of View (BBC Radio 4) from 3/4/15 talking about George Osborne's 'mankles', which is a ropey topic, I grant you, and yet fascinating.

George Osborne has been getting leaner throughout the lean Tory government, and I wonder if, with no more fat to lose in continuing lean times (thanks for that, Tories), he's now reducing the fabric in his suits.

Fashion historians used to say that women did that, in times of austerity. That hemlines would rise as budgets got tighter. If it was ever true, it has not been in my lifetime, but it's still an idea, and I guess George Osborne might be trying to embody it?

2. Next it's In Our Time on the Lancashire Cotton Famine from Radio 4 on 14/5/15, which I really enjoyed because some of my family came from Lancashire, and my Mum would tell me about the mill workers heading down their cobbled road to go to work in their noisy clogs and waking her up in the morning.

Because of Lancashire's cotton industry, and the tradition of employing women, there never was the idea in Lancashire that women should stay at home (unless they needed to care for children, but childminding was also used), until it was enforced in the last century. This was a really interesting programme.

This is taken from a local Labour website. You'll
find the image, and also Naz's fascinating story
3. Also from 14/5/15 was a fascinating interview on Woman's Hour with the new Bradford MP Naz Shah. Naz has come from an incredibly difficult background to steal George Galloway's seat in Westminster. If that weren't reason enough to love her, then I don't know what is. Listen to hear her story, and also a really interesting piece on Frida Kahlo, plus Auschwitz survivors. You can't beat Woman's Hour.

4. Thinking Allowed is one of those programmes which has me shouting at the radio, there's lots of interesting stuff, but some utter nonsense (imho), and Laurie Taylor's old school laid back style drives me to distraction. This episode from 16/5/15 talks about the brain development of young children and the excuses given for current discourses encouraging working class parents to have their children spend more time in daycare. Pam Lowe, talking on the matter, mentions Baby Mozart, which was popular a few years ago, but has since been shown to have no impact whatsoever. She also talks about ideas that brain architecture is hard wired in the first 1000 days of life.

5. My final pick is from The Life Scientific on 24/3/15, and is a really interesting interview with Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, an expert in the teenage brain. This programme is particularly interesting as a follow on from the previous Thinking Allowed episode, and the teenage brain is a truly fascinating place.

What have you been listening to lately? Anything good?