Tuesday, 16 June 2015


This week on the gratitude challenge, I am sharing my gratitude for my education.

I know there are those that think I don't use my education (I've talked about that more here), but I do. I use it every day.

There were good things and bad things all the way through, but, this being the gratitude challenge, today I'm focusing on the positive. Here are all the things I'm thankful for during my experience of education:

  • I am thankful that I don't remember nursery. I know I went, and that I went to the one at Ben Rhydding scout hut, but nothing beyond that. From the memories of those I went with though, mainly involving squashed fingers and fights, I'm glad I can just make that stuff up.
  • I am delighted that because I was tall and blonde I mainly got to be the angel Gabriel in school nativities. Gabriel rocks. Look at my happy little face. I did get to play Mary once when I was grown up, because I had brown hair and could sing in Manx. That was hilarious.
  • I am grateful that Mrs Wilkinson was my teacher in 2nd year, because she was lovely.
  • I am still proud that my poem about Autumn Leaves won a competition. I am grateful to Mr Klepper for helping me to overcome my fear and go up that pulpit to read it to the whole school and parents at the Harvest assembly. It made up for getting bumped from glockenspiel.
  • We travelled to Middle School on a bus, and I am grateful that the seats at the back had been badly damaged and replaced with un-damageable metal seats, which we would slide across as the bus bumped and lurched around corners.
  • I am also grateful that Saver Strips were so easily cheatable, and had such a great advertising jingle - 'kerching a work, kerching a school, kerching a cheaper, kerching a saver strip'.
  • I would like to thank Mr Smith for teaching me to play guitar, and apologise for forgetting all of it.
  • Thank you to Mr Guernsey for helping me to cope with my parents divorce (and for having kids with mad names who were on TV - that was cool).
  • Many thanks to the five people who voted Green in the Addingham Middle School general election. It wasn't a great result for me as the party leader. The party did, after all, have six members, but at least we were there. It's not easy being Green. I would also like to thank my fellow party members. We none of us punched the Tory candidate while he was practising his victory speech during the count. Nor when he used it.
  • I am grateful to everyone at Ilkley Grammar School who did not carry a sodding Head bag, and so didn't knock everyone for six while going through the well, or up and down B to C floor steps.
  • Many thanks to whoever put me in the class at the front of A floor for fifth year. It was a great view.
  • Also, I am grateful to the boys who flushed Mr Thompson's trousers down the toilet, and to every single school child in the whole school assembly called on the matter, who laughed.
  • Thank you to Jamie, for grinning at me through the window while I was in Mr Adlam's English class.
  • Thank you too to Mr Falloon, and to Yeti, and to everyone else who made me think that perhaps there was another way to do this education thing.
  • I am grateful to the gang of us who travelled daily on the train together, smoking and laughing, and singing songs, while clomping about in our clogs and colouring our hair with tipex (not a good idea btw). Many of us are still friends. You were immediately like family to me, and we may have done more drinking than necessary, and slightly less studying, but it was really good.
  • Thank you to Heathcliff for enticing me to study Psychology.
  • Many many thanks to the glammy Sociology teacher who wore mini skirts, had massive hair and couldn't spell 'ethnography'. You made me feel clever :-)
  • Many thanks to the staff of Tumblers and The Queens in Bradford, who pretended they thought we were 18. 
  • I would like to thank Peddyr, for teaching me Manx Gaelic, and for ferrying me around, and also for supporting me through a crisis, and being incredibly graceful about the crush I developed. Gura mie eu, Pheddyr.
  • Next up, many thanks to my lecturers at Edge Hill College in Ormskirk. In particular, the RE lecturers, who were so very welcoming and kind, and the Women's Studies lecturers, who encouraged us, and made us brave. I can do well, I will do well, and today I'm going to show the lot of them.
  • Huge thanks go to everyone who voted to allow me to form a Pagan Society, especially those members of the rugby team who really pushed the Christian-dominated and reluctant Union committee to get it through. I am truly humbled by your willingness to help out. I also made friends through that society, which I'm glad for.
  • To all of those who voted for me to be Women's Officer, I would like to say that as a former Green Party rep, I had never won in a landslide before. I was delighted. I worked my arse off, and hopefully most of you never noticed. For those that did, thank you for letting me help, and I hope I did. Milky was my president, and he was very good at it. I loved working with him, and was very sad to hear of his death last year.
  • I am still slightly gutted that I didn't win in my bid for the SU presidency; it meant I had to go and get a real job; but there were only two votes in it, so I'm grateful for everyone who tried to give me the chance.
  • I'm nearly done, I promise... I am grateful to my Granny for giving me some money toward getting my Masters, and to Leeds University for giving me a bursary for the rest. I don't know when I'd ever have afforded it by myself.
  • Thanks too to Penny Robinson for giving me a job as a warden, despite what others thought, because she knew I needed it. If it wasn't for you, Penny, I wouldn't have been able to do my Masters, and I wouldn't have met my husband.
Phew!  Well, that's me, but there's more thanks to give...
  • Thanks to Mr Frame and Ms Hughes for making my son excited about going to school. You are both truly awesome teachers.
  • Many thanks to Mrs MacDonald for making my big girl feel valued. You brought her on in leaps and bounds.
  • Thank you to Mrs Reilly for helping my little girl settle in to nursery. She loves you, and I don't blame her. 
That's it for now, but no doubt there will be more soon.

What are you grateful for from your education?