Tuesday, 2 June 2015

happy in May

I have been doing this #100happydays challenge FOREVER! Well, for more than 90 days anyway. I am so looking forward to it ending soon, but I do like some of the photos I've been taking too.

Here are some of my favourites from May.

I spent far too long faffing about with this picture on PicMonkey, but I chuffing love it. I'm tempted to get a print of it and hang it in my kitchen (where it will go splendidly with the floor)
I love this for the brightness, for that dress (thank you Sainsbury's: it is awesome), and for a mad few minutes of dancing to the Ting Tings.
This was a smashing afternoon with my youngest, in her last term before she goes to school. We used her saved up pocket money to buy Fluffy Duffy, and then went out for lunch. It was a cold day and we sat in sunshine pouring through a window, and just chatted.
I adore my helibore. It has survived the horrible weather we have had this month with panache.
I like this balcony and roof. If I could paint, I'd paint this building.

I had to lie on the back step with my legs in the air to take this picture. The cat gave me a funny look. Straight after I went inside and put some socks on because despite the sun it was freezing!
I am so glad I took this picture because now I won't forget what this wine was, and it was delicious.
Look at this! I've gone and made myself a little home office... it's in the corner of the playroom, and it is not as tidy as this as I write, but it's mine!
We had pretty good weather on the Saturday of Largs Food Fest. And an awesome face-painter.

I read my poetry at an event to raise money for nearby Ardrossan Castle, and I got this gorgeous thank you card.
This month seems to have had a sisterly theme... I'd take more pics of the boy if he'd stay still long enough!
Meet Ross. He's a brand new person, and a new family friend. :-)
Seriously beautiful bathrooms, delicious food, and great company at Jamie's Italian in Glasgow to celebrate my Mother-in-Law's birthday. I highly recommend the Market Salad.