Tuesday, 30 June 2015

living a day in my life

Around about this time last year I kept a photo diary of the last day of term.

I love doing this, because when you're in the busy slog of parenting it feels like lots of days are the same, and doing this makes you notice how much things change. Those kids are growing fast. Sometimes it's nice to capture the moment.

This year I captured a pretty lazy Sunday. The morning was rainy, and we were helping out, dismantling an art show, in the afternoon. How about I just show you?

7am, I was woken at around 6.15am by the little girl, but have managed to stay in my pit until now. The boy and the little girl have been amusing themselves.
8am: croissants and hot chocolate for breakfast, made by the litte girl (with thanks to Jus-rol). Slimming World fans, I did not have the croissants!
9am: helping the little girl to make a bag she'd been given as a craft kit.
10am: and then helping the big girl.

11am: coffee and chess before he cracks on with laying slabs in the garden, and I get on with some fun housework
12 noon: she won't get dressed, she doesn't want anyone else to get dressed. However, I asked her if she wanted to be my 12 noon photo and she said yes, tidied her hair a little, and put on a sad face... Then she got dressed!
1pm: finishing off lunch. The big girl tends to take her time, while the boy dashes off to play with his friends.
2pm: much to everyone's delight, we are going in the car to Granny's house to get some stuff done. My children hate going in the car and always kick up a fuss about it (while I can't get out of here soon enough!)
3pm: we forgot something and had to go back for it, so a 20 minute journey to Granny's took 40 minutes in the end! We are all glad to get there
4pm: the art show at the castle finishes, and we all rock up to dismantle it.
5pm: we're waiting for the menfolk to finish dismantling scaffolding, and it seemed best to get the girls out of the way, so we're playing with the mini farm animals
6pm: dinner! Love dinner at Granny's house. She's a great cook, and there is always something yummy for everyone. Thanks Granny.
7pm: stop off to feed a friend's animals. This is her gorgeous cat. She says he's a psycho, but I think he's lovely.
8pm: home! and time for a bounce on the trampoline before bed.
9pm: I spend some time recording my voice for Vocal ID
10pm: I'm shattered, so retreat to bed with a good book, and this is a really good book.
What do your days look like at the moment?

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