Tuesday, 28 July 2015

in a few of our favourite places

I've been super busy with having fun and the like, so I'm playing catch up on the gratitude challenge, which today is about my favourite spot in my home town.

To tell the truth, I got a bit stuck on this. I live in Largs, on the West Coast of Scotland. And it's very green and very pleasant (and very wet quite often). There are lots of lovely places, but a favourite spot? I couldn't think of one.

That's Largs over there.

So I asked my kids. 

My boy reckons his favourite spot in Largs is our living room. It's got the computer, the TV, and the X box, and it's just a friendly place to be. Something tells me that that's not quite what they're after, but it does make me think that a favourite place would be somewhere where you were happy to just be.

The boy (and the little girl) in his favourite place.
I started to think about where my favourite places used to be. I thought of a particular rock on Ilkley Moor, Busheys pub in Douglas, Isle of Man (when it existed), Ruff Woods in Ormskirk, the Brotherton Library, at Leeds University.

Mostly, these are places to be quiet and still (maybe not Busheys, although perhaps on a Sunday afternoon with a newspaper). I don't have a lot of quietness in my life just now. I don't have much stillness either. 

I don't think I have a favourite place in Largs as yet, but I'm sure I'll get one, but my favourite spot in my house is where I am right now. Writing at my desk. Please ignore the mess.

Where is your favourite place?