Wednesday, 1 July 2015

moving on from June: The weather project

"You know, I control the weather with my moods. I just can't control my moods is all." - Nick Cave in 20,000 Days on Earth (2014)

I would like to apologise on behalf of June.

I admit that I was hopeful early on. It did definitely feel warmer than May...

...but that wasn't hard.

June was slightly warmer than May, and did have some nice days.

But I bought season tickets to local castles imagining daily picnics! Instead, the little girl and I have spent the last term of her going to nursery watching DVDs and moaning about rain.

Halfway through June, around about the time when I walked down to fat club of a Saturday morning in my coat, wondering if I might not have some gloves in my pocket, and thinking that I couldn't remember the last June when I'd been able to see my breath: Did that mean I had a temperature?.. There were newspaper articles claiming that this was the coldest June in 40 years. My initial thought was that I could believe it, but then I realised that I was alive 40 years ago, and wasn't 1975 rather a nice summer?

So I checked Dad's photo archive (I am so glad we have Dad's photo archive - thank you for spending the time to scan all those pictures in, Dad), and found this photo of me laughing my socks off at the fact my mother is virtually naked in the front garden (she wouldn't actually have been naked in the front garden, but my mother does rock a bikini)! It was sunny, so 1975 must have been a good summer. Right? Right. It was a lovely warm, dry summer. In 1976 it snowed in Birmingham in June, but the coldest June in 39 years doesn't scan as well, eh?

Should we just give up then? Is this summer just going to be mainly rubbish? Well, we can appreciate that the rain is warmer than normal. When it's sunny it's chuffing gorgeous, and who gives a monkeys because school's out for seven weeks and we no longer care about the 3pm rain. But the weather is going to get better too. Probably. Fingers crossed.

How's the weather with you? 

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