Friday, 3 July 2015

on instagram

Are you on Instagram? I love the positivity to be found there, and today I thought I'd share 5 of my favourite things to follow in Instagram.

Happily, it's Instagram, so I can't easily steal my five favourite's images and share them with you. Instead, you'll have to hop over and see for yourself.

These are in the order that I happened across them in my Instagram feed.

1. Tess Holliday

I am pretty sure Tess is still engaged to Mr Holliday, so is still Tess Munster, which in itself, is an awesome name, but the girl is happy, so I'm not going to rain on her parade. Tess' instagram feed is full of pictures of her beautiful self with her fiance, her boy, her friends, her hairdresser (Gay of Thrones, also worth a follow)... lots and lots of pictures of this beautiful girl, who genuinely seems to be blown away at the rapturous welcome she's receiving, because she is totally beautiful, she has been through a lot, and it turns out, t'internet doesn't give two figs if she doesn't fit into some clothes. Go Ms Holliday, and don't ever damp down your sass.

2. Bird Bug Bee

Aly Hodge blogs at Bird, Bug and Bee, and this is her banner - gorgeous isn't it? She is a stylish single parent to three children (which always blows me away), and is a great photographer. She's worth following for flowers, outdoors, and real life, and just good pics.

I took this picture for #myweekofneutrals showing off
my gorgeous new clogs from Lotta from Stockholm
3. It's my week

Every week on 'it's my week' there's a new theme to inspire your photography. Kind of like Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-day but over a whole week, and you can take as many pictures as you want.

The people who run it also share some of their favourite pictures, and even if the theme isn't to your liking, there are usuallly plenty of inspirational images.

4. The Other Fork in the Road

These are stupendously good images from Tosh's life. A year ago she quit what she was doing and started travelling. She blogs about it (and about suddenly getting 10K followers after Instagram promoted her work (Hi Tosh, I'm one of them)) here. It is an incredibly good blog. She's an engaging and interesting writer. Plus there are lots of great photos.

5. Caboodle Magazine

I don't really do magazines... or at least, I thought I didn't. But if someone fancies getting me a subscription to Caboodle for my birthday I'd be awfy grateful. I love their bright, cheery, home-made style. I also love the word 'caboodle'.

I'm also on Instagram, and I'd love you to check out my pictures (some are on the side of the blog if you're in the web version). I'm Ohwedo. Are you on Instagram? Who are your favourites?

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