Tuesday, 4 August 2015

camping in Yorkshire

We have just come back from a weekend of camping in Yorkshire.

Unfortunately it was during this summer, so it was rather cool and rather damp, but it was lovely to catch up with old friends, and meet up with family, and to stay on our lovely campsite.

None of the pictures I took could do justice to the amazing view from the campsite. Each evening we just sat and watched it. There are also 12 birds who do awesome flying displays for your delight.
The campsite we stayed at was at Ghyll House: a working farm, run by Mike and Chrissy Flesher. It has amazing views across Wharfedale, and we were looked after incredibly well. Mike took all of us to meet the lambs, piglets, and ducklings, and we even got to feed some of them.
Mike, the farmer, is happy to chat about farming, and would be an amazing source of information for anyone thinking of writing a book set on a farm. The kids loved feeding the lambs, and I am currently intrigued with the idea of converting a raw fleece into something woven. Did you know they can barely sell black or part black fleeces, because they don't take colour, and yet they can be beautiful in themselves. There's an article in the Daily Mail (sorry) about 'rare' black sheep's wool jumpers, which look utterly beautiful. I want one! Let's drive the price up!
It has electrical hookups for those that can use them, and is really well priced, plus it's in Wharfedale! There are nice, clean, well provisioned toilet blocks, and the shower blocks are being built right now. If it was really wet it might be a bit tricky getting a car out of the field, but I'm sure you could park by the loos instead.

The campsite is 20 minutes walk from Addingham, a friendly village with a well-provisioned Co-op. We had fish and chips from Old Station Fisheries, which were delicious and also incredibly cheap, so I'll let the woman that served me off for thinking I was a cockney! I went to the pub in Addingham on Friday night. The Swan is a lovely, old fashioned pub with good beer and a live band most Friday nights. They also do food, have a beer garden, and a surprisingly enormous car park.

Addingham also has a really good play park (just by the Medical Centre).

Don't tell anyone about the park in Addingham, no-one seems to know about it!
There are also good parks down the road both ways in Ilkley, and in Skipton. Skipton boats a wonderful castle, busy market and some lovely walks, while Ilkley has some fancy shops, Ilkley moor, Ilkley lido and lots more walks.

Also, recently opened nearby is Billy Bob's Parlour - an American diner and play barn. We neglected to book a table inside (it was a showery day and we didn't think we'd need to), but at 11am when we arrived there was no room. Happily there was still room outside, so we sat there. The food was good, if a little pricey, but that's made up for by the fact it's only £1 per child to play in the play barns. There's one for little kids, and another for big kids. It can get a little boisterous in the big kid barn, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Billy Bob's is at Calm Slate farm, which is the home of Yorkshire Dales Farmhouse Ice Cream. Having seen the ice cream I ditched the diet and had a double scoop cone. The scoops were generous, there was caramel sauce, and the ice cream was divine. Well worth a gain, if I get one!

Miss 5 playing in the Under 7's play barn. She did this to herself.
What would you recommend doing in the Wharfedale area?