Friday, 28 August 2015

following these blogs on Bloglovin'

I love Bloglovin' - it's a wonderful way to find out about all your favourite blogs (and even your not-so-favourite ones) new posts.

I treat it like a magazine, flicking through to find stories I can dip into, and saving those that need a little more attention.

You can follow me on Bloglovin', along with lots of other blogs (nearly all of them that I've tried); and today for Friday's Fabulous Five, I'm sharing five blogs I'm loving following on Bloglovin' right now.

1. (these are just in the order they popped up in my feed): A Beautiful Mess

This is a great magazine-type blog, with interiors, fashion, crafts, recipes, and also think pieces. It's run by sisters Elsie and Emma, who live in the US. They are slim, beautiful, and very stylish, which put me off at first, but they're also friendly, and they have some great ideas. I am a particularly big fan of their salad jar recipes, and of Elsie's gorgeous wardrobe (and her decluttering tips), but the thing that is particularly awesome for me about A Beautiful Mess is that they sometimes make furniture!!! Like this gorgeous dining table.

2. Truly Madly Kids

This is a British blog with posts from various different people, often collaborative, which focuses on family fun. They are keen on photography and do Image of the Week posts (although over the summer they're busy having holidays and so do Image of the Summer) which you can take part in, or just be inspired by. I love this post about pocket money (what do you do? We earn stickers through the week, and then the amount earned goes on a tally in Google Keep which both parents can access - it can be anything from 50p to £2.50 a week). And here's a smashing one about food processor obsession (I want a new food processor).

3. Paul Cairney: Politics and Public Policy

This is the stuff that I studied at university (for my BA), and then later, I went to work for the government. I am really interested in all this stuff, so I appreciate that it does look a little out of place here, but this is a really interesting, accessible blog that I really enjoy. Recently, there's been this interesting piece on e-cigarettes, which I wish my Mum would smoke if she really must continue her nicotine addiction, but which I fear mainly serve to maintain people's levels of addiction. Paul Cairney is very good on Scottish politics, and has this to say about a possible return of a Scottish independence referendum. And I loved this piece he wrote about assuming people are stupid, because plenty of Scottish people assumed I was last September, and because I must admit I tend to assume that people who vote UKIP (and other parties I dislike) are.

4. Terrible Tumbles

This is my current favourite fashion blog. Many thanks to Becky Barnes of Mrs BeBe Blog for pointing it out to me. Terrible Tumbles is by Em (I think, although she's a bit secretive about her name), a tall Yorkshire lass with big feet, which is awesome for me, because what looks good on her might look good on me, and it saves me doing lots of incredibly dull shopping. I love her attitude (as demonstrated awesomely here). Her latest post is about denim, which she's been buying from Yours, which is one of my new favourite shops, so I shall head their next time (I've been wearing one style of jeggings from Simply Be for a while now, because with jeans once you find a pair that work you MUST stick, right? Well, I must. However, my jeggings have no pockets, so Yours, we've got a date.

5. Fat Mum Slim

You didn't think you were going to get a five favourite blogs post without Fat Mum Slim did you? Chantelle, who writes it, was recently at a Blogging Conference (because those are things), where she got weirded out by people telling her she was 'brave' and 'inspirational'. I guess she's just doing what she does, but if I was there, I'd totally grab he arm and tell her what an inspiration she is, was, and continues to be. I love her work. Her style is fab, and all her posts are useful in one way or another. She's got inspirational stuff like this, she's got the wonderful Photo a Day challenge, which got me hooked on prompted photos, and led to my joining Instagram (thanks for both, Chantelle), wonderful sympathetic parenting posts like this one, plus recipes, blogging advice, and so much more. I am a massive fan.

And that is my fab 5. What blogs are you loving right now? 

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