Saturday, 1 August 2015

grateful for what we've done

I'm still playing catch-up on the gratitude challenge, and today I'm talking about the things I'm grateful for in my past.

So much to be grateful for!

I'm going to start with my parents. I think they were pretty awesome parents. They gave me a really interesting childhood. We went for walks, hung out in beer gardens, got told off for doing homework in front of the TV, etc. But we also got to meet lots of interesting people. 

My parents had lots of friends, who'd come around often, on top of that they fostered teenagers, and we had lodgers, so I spent my early years in busy houses, with lots of interesting adults in them.

Our household in 1981 (plus a boyfriend). Don't tell my kids I've got my fingers in my mouth! Dad is taking the picture.
My parents marriage didn't last, sadly, but they were/are good people, and good parents, so even after they divorced they worked together to look after me and my little brother (he's wearing his favourite hat in the picture, he'd still be wearing it today if his head would fit in it). That taught me a lot about cooperation, and about weathering storms.

After my parents split up my Dad would occasionally take my brother and I to buddhist communes, which were awesome. I particularly loved communal meals (not saying I liked the burnt dahl, made by a gawjuss young man called Zaphod who should have stuck to looking pretty), but I loved the community coming together to eat, and I already noticed how it freed up time for everybody. If I could live like that (and be near good schools and work, and family), I would.

When we lived in rainy town I would take the kids to Samye Ling for their open days, which was a good way to get the feel of the place. My boy especially enjoyed sitting in the gompa (I am probably spelling that wrong), and the monk not blinking when he asked what he does if he needs to pee while meditating (he goes before).

Visiting Samye Ling.
After all that good stuff came teenage years *shudder*, which led swiftly into 1st marriage. From all of this I am grateful for the friends I made and the people who stuck in there. I am grateful for surviving it, and that it put me on the path that got me here, with a great family, and the chance to write.

I hope there are more good things in store.

What are you grateful for?