Friday, 21 August 2015

loving the tunes: five bands I'd like to see.

So we're all a bit older, and we're all a bit wiser-ish, and going to see a band you loved as a teen is a bit tragic isn't it?

But then, we're all the same people we were when we were teens, just a bit older, and hopefully a little less impetuous.

So, I've just booked tickets to see one of these bands in October (I'm turning 42 this October - life the universe and everything). I'll let you guess which one. To be honest. I'd love to see them all.

1. New Model Army

I have not seen New Model Army play live since I was a teenager, and saw them play Leeds Universtity Refectory. They were brilliant, but the whole experience was brilliant because it was one of my first gigs. They are touring this year and will be in Edinburgh during the October holidays. This is one of my favourite songs. You can't hear Justin too well, but that's alright, I know all the lyrics, and I'll be singing along while attempting to avoid punching people while dancing. That's cloggie dancing for you.

2. Dogs D'Amour

Sadly, they are 'on hiatus', and there is no tour, but I'd love to see the Dogs D'Amour live. I just imagine it would be a rather lovely car crash with some amazing tunes, and I might just avoid smoking by the skin of my teeth. This video is from 2013.

Other bands who I'd love to see but are sadly unavailable include Clam Abuse, Antiproduct, and The Doors (with Jim Morrison)

3. The Fratellis

The Fratellis are playing tonight in Glasgow! I love the feel of their music, and I have a massive crush on Jon Fratelli, who is one of my inspirations for the main character in the book I'm writing (and that's why he sings). They're from Glasgow, and are also playing here later in the year.

4. The Sisters of Mercy

Oh the Sisters of Mercy, they are not departed or gone, and I don't recall ever having seen them play live, despite them having a massive impact on my life as a teenager. They're touring now, and I'd love to see them.

5. The Fields of the Nephilim

I've bought tickets a few times, but I've never managed to see the Fields of the Nephilim play live. I suspect that if I did it would presage the end of days, but if so, I'm sure they'd have a song about it. This video is a bit ropey, but the sounds is good. Pray now.

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