Monday, 3 August 2015

on a dream holiday

Today on the gratitude challenge I'm talking about my favourite holiday.

The first thing that springs to mind is a dream holiday. The place(s) where I would go if someone gave me £1million which I could only spend on holidays.

I'm thinking of a massive campervan (and perhaps someone else to drive it) in the USA, to go to Universal Orlando Resort, Florida, and to take my husband to the Superbowl; to visit those giant weird things they have in the middle of nowhere in the US (it must be true, Neil Gaiman says so). To try bacon cupcakes, and just be somewhere very different where they still speak English (after a fashion).

I would also love to visit Turkey and see the Underground Cities.

I would love to do a fortnight's house swap somewhere in France, or Germany (or even both). Using a site like Home Exchange that would be easily done. I've had plenty of people get in touch, we just couldn't go this summer. We're working on it!

That's a rubbish list, mainly because I know I can't afford to go many places at the moment, so I don't focus in on it. I could learn.

Meanwhile my best holidays are those with lots of family all together. It's so nice when the kids have people to play with and there are other adults around to watch them; and it's also nice to have a drink with family and catch up. We've had super holidays staying with family in a big old house in Suffolk; in caravans in Northumberland; a big house in Somerset, at Centre Parcs (until the kids got too big for the cots), and most recently and really rather marvellous was our trip to Mallorca this summer.

I am incredibly grateful to the grandparents for making these holidays possible, and for all the relatives who are willing to share the costs and so reduce them. Thanks!

Mallorca was lovely. Very hot, and constantly sunny (even at night I could swear), with beautiful beaches and lovely restaurants. I would probably get the hire car in my name as well next time so as not to feel trapped, and I would rather go somewhere I could speak the language (not that I needed to - everyone approached me speaking English or German), but it was gorgeous and hot, and fascinating, and also gave me loads of useful stuff for the book I'm (still) writing, and the place where the hero grew up, which I suspect would look a lot like Alcudia (old town).

I'm very grateful to Kenny's Mum and Dad for taking us to Mallorca, and booking us into the lovely villa. It was a great holiday. I hope I can do the same for my kids when they're all grown up. And now... Holiday pics!

Hanging at the villa in our PJs. We got our villa through Villa Plus

We can heartily recommend Ca'n Josep in Llenaire, just by Puerto Pollenca. Yummy food, great staff, lovely views. Our waiter comes on holiday to Largs!
Shopping in Pollenca was amazing. Lots of little boutique style shops, loads of stuff for the kids. Good prices. Loved it.

Formentor beach is well worth the wiggly road to get to it. Stunning.

Parking at the viewpoint on the way to Formentor beach is tricky, and the path you then follow is scary-bears for folks like me who like a railing and aren't keen on heights, but look at the view. The scenery is amazing, but to the left the sea goes on to meet the sky and it's just breathtaking (crap photo though)

Alcudia and Pollenca have lots of little streets like this, really inspirational for my story. This is in Alcudia. I love that lots of the shutters use the same green.