Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Weather Project: Making the most of it

When this post comes out we will be back at school - for the first time, all three of my children will be in full time school, and I will have regular time to myself for the first time in ten years.

I'm supposed to write a book.

But as I write, I'm at the tail end of the summer holidays. A summer holidays beset with cold, wet, windy weather. There were some good days, but mostly the weather truly sucked, and now all we have to look forward to are Autumn and Winter.


Do you know what's good about a rubbish summer?

You really make the most of the good days. Those days become action-packed sucking-the-marrow-out-of-life days. We have been stuck in the house for so long (which in itself is kind of alright because Minecraft), that when we get out we want to stay out until the sun goes down. Because who knows when we will see it again?

We have had a fabulous summer because we have enjoyed every moment we could get.

We are now weary, and getting a little bored, and soooo glad to be going back to school, which is exactly what I was wanting.

And if all we have to look forward to is Autumn, then let it be an Autumn of smoke and colour. Of rain that finishes just before you go out, and temperatures which require a little wool, a pair of tights, but no bundling.

But just now, let's hold on to the bones of summer, and suck the marrow out.

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