Monday, 14 September 2015

getting into cars with strange men

Long ago, and far from here, my boyfriend and I decided to get a taxi back from somewhere in almost central Leeds (University area), to our horrible flat in Meanwood (otherwise known as 'close to Headingley').

I cannot recall why we got a taxi on this night, nor where we had been, although I suspect a rubbish nightclub was involved. All of that has been eclipsed by our journey home.

We used to go out pretty often, and definitely every Friday night. We would start off after Uni/work, in one of the pubs across the road, The Pack Horse, or perhaps The Eldon, at some point we might move to the other one of these two, and sometimes we might even head to The Bricklayers Arms. After a while, sometimes as late as 11pm, it would seem like a good idea to head to somewhere that stayed open later, and so we'd go into town a bit, although not far. 

Eventually, we would attempt to catch a bus, or just meander back up through Headingley and down into Meanwood (because you wouldn't do the short cut at night). Very occasionally, we'd be willing to fork out for a taxi.

One night we got into a taxi, which was swerving alarmingly around the road, while the driver kept up his cheerful banter. I was calculating how long we would need to stay in the car, and my boyfriend muttered to me that perhaps the driver was pissed, and then, he decided to do the conversation with the driver.
"How long have you been on for?" He asked."Couple of days mate, couple of days.""Long days then?""Nah mate, I've got this stuff, lets me stay awake, so I can work a couple of days straight, no worries."
I had this moment of thinking that the driver was so sick of people asking this question that he'd decided to make something ridiculous up, but as we swerved out of the way of an errant lamp-post, I concluded that he was telling the truth.

I have caught a taxi in Leeds since then, but only a proper hackney carriage, at a rank. I got changed in the back of the last Leeds taxi I got - into a ballgown, as I travelled from the train station (I'd just been for an interview for a job in Edinburgh), to some sports place for a ball. Those were the days! Happily, I got the Edinburgh job, and bid farewell to our nasty Meanwood flat. I do miss my Leeds friends though, and those nights in The Pack Horse/Eldon. Happily, I got to keep the boyfriend. Reader, I married him.

Have you had any interesting/hair raising taxi experiences?

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