Monday, 28 September 2015

looking at my selfie

A while ago now I did a post on the importance of accepting, and even liking, the person we see in the mirror. You'll find it here.

We're all stuck with ourselves, so we need to love the people we are in order to live the best life we can.

Margot Meanie recently started her rebellious self love challenge - a photo a day, for a month on various topics, all related to ourselves. Lots of selfies are required. Check it out on Instagram.

I noticed it starting, and I shuddered, decided that people would think me too big headed if I did that, and forgot about it.

But, as the days went on and the interesting pictures kept cropping up, I noticed that I didn't think any of the participants were big headed. Nobody was saying nasty things to them either, despite them being open and honest about the things they liked about their, mainly fat, bodies.

I felt inspired.

I wondered if it wasn't a bit of a problem that I felt too scared to do this. I've said before that I don't want to erase myself from the pictoral history of my own life, just because I'm fat, or my hair's not just so.

I figured it's only a month.

So I joined in.

Taking all the very many selfies is a bit of a nightmare, and is making me think more about makeup and clothes and hair than I normally would. However, once I've put a bit more effort into my appearance, I do feel more confident. People are saying nice things (and people have only said nice things). One person said she wished she was as brave as me, and I felt such a fraud.

I'm not brave. But forcing myself to put myself out there has done wonders for my confidence, and I'm really glad that Margo pushed me to do it, and for the support she, and lots of other people, known and unknown, around the world, are giving me. I kind of feel pretty.

Thank you Margo.

Here are some of my pictures so far. Mostly of me, but there's one of Goth Girl (a gift from my brother, you can follow her adventures from time to time in my Instagram feed):

Do you fancy joining me? Or is that a really terrible idea (but you're going to do it anyway)?