Wednesday, 16 September 2015

talking about the weather

Nick Cave developed an obsession with the weather when he moved to Britain, because of course, we have so very much of it.

I always thought it was the changeable, unreliable nature of British weather that had us talking about it so much, but Stephen Mangan reckons there's more to it than that.

Stephen thinks that we talk about the weather not just to avoid talking about our emotions (with our stiff upper lips and all that), but that we use the weather to talk about our emotions.

For example, when I came out of the shop the other day (I'd been shopping for another blogpost you'll find here), I was greeted by another shopper. Here's our conversation: 

Him: "Morning! Lovely day. Do you think it will stay sunny?"Me: "Doubt it. Those clouds look like rain's coming."Him: "Oh, well, hopefully it'll come to nothing."Me: "It is Scotland, you know."
If what Stephen reckons is true, then what we were really saying was something like: 
Him: "Morning! I'm feeling on top of the world this morning, I hope it lasts."Me: "Doubt it. Something is going to dampen your spirits."Him: "Oh, well, hopefully I'll be OK.Me: "You might as well give up now. You'll be miserable before you know it."
Or something to that effect. Hmm, sorry sunflower guy!

The freaky thing is that once you start thinking that people might be talking about the weather as code for how they're feeling, you start having much more interesting conversations. Have a see for yourself.

Our weather has been pretty good of late, but it's cooling down. Autumn is coming, but at the moment it is still summer, and the flowers are wearing their prettiest gowns. How's the weather with you? Sunny I hope.

School update: Miss 5 is still getting a bit anxious in the mornings before school, and when I drop her off I have to go straight away. However, she is enjoying being there. This week she's brought her first reading book home from school, and has been reading it to anyone who will listen. "Look at me." Dead proud.