Thursday, 31 December 2015

reviewing 2015

How was 2015 for you?

Ours was good. Apart from the weather, but let us draw a veil over that. At least we got a week of sunshine and hot weather in Majorca (awesome - the kids first time abroad, and a tough holiday to beat).

My youngest started school, and I expected to have masses of time to get things done, but it turns out that the stuff I had been waiting to do, well, there was a lot of it. I am definitely getting more done, but it's not been the quick turnaround I'd been hoping for.

As for her, she has now settled in well, despite a horrible start. And I'm really happy to say all the kids are enjoying their school. We're looking forward to a new school being built, but that's not going to happen for another couple of years. In the meantime, the teachers are already working to joining up two of the primary schools in town. I know some people are worried about that because they like their small schools, but I am so happy about it. Ideally I'd like the one remaining primary to join in as well, so all the children in the town could work together and play together, but one step at a time.

We did some big work on the house this year. Converting our garage into another living space, which has made our home feel so much better to live in. There is now always somewhere to escape to, and that's marvellous. Plus the kids managed to get me to drop my red, white, and green colour scheme (even though it ain't broke) for the new room, and I love the fresh feeling in there.

We still have some finishing touches to do, but Kenny put up the clock this morning, and, once the tree is down I'll need to find/do up a good light for that corner of the room, but it's so lovely to have a window looking out on the street. One thing we really love about living where we do is that the kids can all play out (when it's not constantly chucking it down), and having the window makes it all feel a lot friendlier. Our neighbours are talking about doing it too. 

Outside of school the boy has been enjoying fencing and D&D this year. He loves both, and I love sharing his passion for fantasy. We went to see the new Star Wars film on Sunday and both loved it. The girls are doing less stuff this year. The big girl quit Brownies, which I didn't blame her for because it was totally unstructured, and she wasn't getting anywhere on badge work. Instead she's taken up piano lessons, and grudging piano practice. Don't tell her but I'm amazed at how quickly she's getting the idea of where to put her fingers. She's also my favourite person ever to go shopping with, so I'm actually kind of glad that she needs lots of new clothes because she's getting taller and taller, so I'll be taking her shopping shortly.

With the little girl finding it so hard to start school, and not wanting to do any clubs just then, we decided to go easy on her. She is now doing swimming lessons (as are the other two), and loving those. Her teacher is brilliant so she's coming along well.

I'm doing the online admin for Largs Writers Group, but I've dropped out of the choir for now. I love singing, so I'm hoping to join up again after Christmas, or maybe switch to another choir. In the daytime I've been crocheting and writing (that would normally be the other way around but I've been on a crafting mission for Christmas). In November I completed my first NaNoWriMo, which was great, getting the first draft together of a fairy story which I'm hoping to take further soon. I'm making massive changes to the Chaptershill story, which is daunting, but the right thing to do. I keep getting stuck as to what those changes are going to look like, and wondering if I wouldn't be best just starting again, but I figure if I write it then I'll work it out. I've done quite well with poems this year, and it's been a really good confidence boost to have a win, with kind words said and a couple published

We were worried at one point this year that Kenny might lose his job, and are glad to be more secure now, although there will be no counting of chickens. I am really sorry for all those that weren't so lucky, and for those that still don't know. It's a horrible feeling, and I wish that employers could show the kind of loyalty to their employees that they seem to expect.

And what about 2016?  When the kids go back to school I'm planning on writing every day, to put the sort of industry in that went in to NaNoWriMo, and get one of the book length works polished up. Which one first though? The (fairly short) fairy tale or the (long) fantasy novel?

I'm hoping to spend more time with friends and family in 2016, and I hope the weather starts being a little kinder. I'm grateful that we haven't had the horrible flooding that has affected friends in Yorkshire and Cumbria, but just a little time without the rain and the wind would be just peachy.

Wishing you all the best for 2016. What have you got planned?