Friday, 26 February 2016

running about for Prostate Cancer UK

My friends in our home town of Largs often comment that they've seen my husband running by their doors. 'Isn't it great' they say, 'that he's keeping himself fit'?

Aye. It's just pure brilliant.

Most days when he comes in from work he'll tell me that he's not going to have his tea yet, because he's going out for a run. So he'll chill out for a bit while I make tea for me and the kids, and then later on he'll go for a run around the town, sometimes along the seafront to the next village, always wearing his flourescent spandex get up, and his special bluetooth headphones.

On the weekend, he does a special long run. This takes several hours and involves several laps of our town and the next village, looping back to pop to the loo and consume things with Power or Energy in their names, which I am not sure actually count as food.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he's avoiding us.

However, he's going to put all of this running to good use in a few weeks, and run the Edinburgh Marathon to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK, a condition which his father survived a few years ago.

Please make all his running around worth it and sponsor him here. Many thanks in advance.