Sunday, 28 February 2016

walking up the glen: walks around Largs

We've got a day off! The grandparents have taken the kids away for some fun times and we get to do what we want.

I quite fancied the cinema, but then I looked at all the sexist rubbish that was on (honestly film-makers you are allowed to have women characters who actually do stuff you know), and decided against it. 

Happily, Spring is in the air, so my husband and I set off for a walk up the glen. It was a beautiful day for it. Daffodils are coming up and getting closer to blooming, and we visited the prophet's grave, and then headed on a little way to Middleton Trout Farm, just below the Chinese lake (which is where we were aiming for and we'll get it next time!).

Spring... it's coming!
Middleton Trout Farm was gorgeous on a day like today, and it was fun to take lots of pictures.

And these trees reminded me of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising. Eek!

Up the glen there are plenty of old trees that look like they once lined paths that are there no longer, but these lovely ones line a bit of the road, adding a little drama.

Now I'm off to disobey all the house rules and eat my tea off my knee. Hope the weather is kind to you.