Sunday, 21 February 2016

watching the kids grow

Have you seen the blog Mum Turned Mom? It's great for lots of things, and well worth checking out.

One of the things Sara does is a monthly photo (or several) and post about her children, and how they're all getting on. It's rather lovely and you'll find her posts here.

I love the idea of a monthly photo of them all together, because it's pretty hard to get that when you've got three. They seem to move with Brownian motion, never remaining together for long.

I don't generally like to share too much about what my children are like, or how they're getting on (unless you're my friend, in which case I'll whine about it endlessly), because that's their business. But I could go for a photo a month.

I started in October, on a trip to the cinema (in case you wondered about my choice of carpet).

Miss 8, who normally won't do photos, was completely enamoured with this idea. Miss 5 pulled a face in every single one, and Mr 10 merely tolerated the process. He's wearing his school shoes because he left one of his trainers at school. Completely lost. It took his sister approximately 5 seconds to find it the following Monday. Miss 8's dress is supposed to fit age 8-9. I know she's a little taller than her friends, but why are dresses so bloomin' short!? She is also wearing her leopard print cardi, which is her absolute favourite. The boy is a big fan of this coat, although he's hoping for something neon next time. Miss 5 is wearing her crocs which she loves to absolute death, and would choose to wear every single day if she possibly could. I feel the same about my clogs.

I may have tinkered with the colours in this one. I couldn't help it. I love the rock star vibe Mr 10 has going on. I love that Miss 8's leggings are a mess, and that she's got one sock higher than the other, and check out that cute smile on Miss 5! I left this for far too long after it happened before putting it into the blog post, and so can't remember why Miss 8 is in her normal clothes while the other two are in school uniform, but I suspect that this is the week that the children took it in turns to be mildly ill, but managed to vomit at school and thus we had to follow the 48 hour rule.

Look! I made the December one super Christmassy! This is what happened: I couldn't get the kids to stand up against a plain-ish background without messing about and pulling faces, and so it took me chuffing ages to take the photos, therefore when I finally managed to get them all within a photo frame, without jumping, I had a quick tidy up (do you like how I left the brush in the background for authenticity), stuck a candle on the table (and told them not to touch it or blow it out), and took a photo. Ta da! A friend says that Miss 5's expression is sooo like me, which is probably true, but I'd rather be known for the maniac teacher look Miss 8 is rocking. I would like to point out that Mr 10 is sporting his one remaining red item of clothing in this picture. He does not do red, so this is probably the last one for a while.

Look it snowed! There was just one snowy day, but it happened to be photo day, and the kids were all playing together outside, so I snapped them there. I really like this picture. Miss 8 has had a hair cut and it really suits her, Miss 5 is messing about which is so very her, and Mr 10 looks like he's actually having fun. He's practicing for being a teenager these days so it's good to see him smiling with his sisters.

I've changed the app I use for doing these photos and I miss the papercut font, so I might change again, but I'll stick with the Linocut font for now.

This month I got a picture of them all playing outside together again, in the rain this time. I asked Miss 5 not to stick her tongue out for this picture, so her brother joined in on the cheeky action. To be fair I did get another picture where they're all smiling, but this is much more what they're like. A daft wee team with a horrible mother who makes them play out in the rain when they start doing laps of the house. You couldn't see it in the last picture, but Miss 5 has had a fringe cut in and it's completely changed the way her hair falls, making her look so much more grown up to me too!

I'm loving doing this monthly photo of the kids, and can't wait to be able to compare them year to year.

Do you do something like this too?