Tuesday, 1 March 2016

leaving Simply Be.

I have been shopping at Simply Be for years now. About 15 years to be exact. They send me SO MUCH bumpf through the post, and it works! I've bought from them on a pretty regular basis, until November last year when they sent me a catalogue with this in it:

I liked the clothes in the section. The black and the rock styling were right up my alley, and I liked the 'WITH THE BAND' bit, but why on earth did they call them 'groupie styled looks'? Why can't the women be in the band? It's aiming so low, and shows such an incredibly low opinion of the women they're selling to (I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with liking a rock band, or in wanting to have sex with members of a rock band, but it's clearly not aspirational stuff is it?), that I got in touch with them on Twitter to ask about it.

They couldn't be bothered to reply. 

I wasn't overly impressed, but I figured they had just made a mistake until more recently I got this through the post.

Clearly, with this bit of marketing (it's about their denim collection), Simply Be are wanting their customers to do a bit of (unpaid) online marketing for them, using #ShowUsYourSASS but they've paired this with a picture of a model wearing their jeans, and nothing else (on the cover. Other pictures of the same model did show her in a top, and you'd think Simply Be would have plenty of tops to hand. Perhaps they didn't have any that were small enough for the model who is awfy slim for Simply Be clothes).

Now I have no problem with boobs. Feeding babies, being sexy, or just being part of women's bodies. But I do have a problem with women's bodies being objectified in order to sell us stuff, and this is a clear example of a woman's body being objectified. Simply Be are hoping to get more attention because the woman hasn't got her top on, there is no other reason for it.

I can't be doing with objecification. It is not going to sell me anything, and seeing as this was a social media campaign I decided to attempt contact with Simply Be to complain about this ad on Twitter.

The response? Nothing. Somebody called me a prude, but that wasn't anyone from Simply Be, who couldn't be bothered to say anything in response to my accusation of objectification.

And if Simply Be cannot be bothered to respond to complaints about their sexist marketing, I can't be bothered to shop there. 

Simply Be, you can stop sending me stuff now.