Thursday, 24 March 2016

Magnus the Mighty: a poetry post

Magnus the Mighty

Magnus the mighty stands,

spear and shield in his hands,
surveying all of Largs.
Not since 1263
did mighty Vikings see
our chip shops and our bars.
But Magnus stays his lust.
Stand still and strong he must,
withstanding every gust,
lest he should turn to rust.
Magnus of Largs

© Cara L McKee 23/3/16

Have you had enough of this poem format yet?  I've used it before in Know by Now and The Tall One. I think I have found the way I like it to be now, and it might be time for me to move on. My sonnets need more work I think.
Anyway, The Prompt (click on the pic below to go to the link) this week was 'Mighty', and I've been listening to The History of English Podcast constantly, and Kevin has been talking about Vikings in Britain and the Danelaw (so many Vikings - even the Normans were Vikings!). I'm lucky enough to live in Largs, which was the last place in mainland Britain to have been attacked by Viking raiders (of course, there were plenty of Vikings living here by then). Fun fact from the podcast mentioned above - did you know that the language spoken by the Viking invaders was so similar to Anglo-Saxon early English that they could understand each other fairly easily? Maybe that's why we like Scandi drama!? So 'mighty' got me thinking about Vikings and especially Magnus, erected a couple of years ago to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Largs. He was supposed to have an ax to start off with, I don't know why that was dropped. But he was positioned across from Nardinis, temporarily for the festivities, and then there was much discussion about where he should be moved to (and much discussion on whether or not he was rubbish). I love Magnus, and I love him being across from Nardinis, so I'm glad that's where he's getting to stay, for now.

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Rhyming With Wine commented on your blog post
This is great! I love the character that you've captured in your rhyme. I feel like I should meet him and I enjoyed reading about his background and history too. Dawn x #Prose4T

Sara Murray commented on your blog post
Wow, Magnus is pretty impressive! Love the poem, particularly the mention of chip shops, that made me smile :) I'm always impressed with the structure of your poems, I'm so random with mine!