Tuesday, 26 April 2016

excited about Game of Thrones (spoilers up to and including S6 ep1)

We downgraded our Sky subscription this year and were pretty sure that would mean we'd have to wait for the boxset to see Game of Thrones. 

But last night I looked in the list of recorded stuff, and there it was! Honestly I could not have been more excited. So my hubby and I sat down to watch. He is not quite as obsessed as I am by both the TV series and the Song of Ice and Fire books. As evidenced by his constant questioning 'but isn't he dead?' and 'who's she then?' etc. Sigh.

Dany - Hama style
I am obsessed. Even my hama bead creations are Game of Thrones related!

So at the end of series five, at that exciting moment where the TV series passed the books, I made some predictions for what would happen next. How did I do with that?


Dany is still in an unfortunate situation. The khalasar have recognised her as a Khaleesi, but now they intend to take her to Vaes Dothrak. 

I still think the girl has dragons and will awesome her way out of this situation, taking the khalasar with her.

And then, eventually, she'll join up with Tyrion and Jon (please let it be Jon) and take Kings Landing as the three heads of the dragon.


I did not see that coming! I was really hoping that Tristane was going to take over Quentyn's role and get burnt to a crisp, but dead is dead, and I don't think Dorne was working out for the show, so I can see why it was that brutal and fast. 

Cersei and Jaime

It was so good to see Cersei and Jaime reunited. Although Cersei still has her trial hanging over her. I was glad to see that rather than sending her mad with grief, the death of Myrcella has strengthened Cersei's resolve. I think they're going down, but they'll go down flaming. I suspect it will be something to behold. I wonder if Cersei will now try to build bridges with Maergery, realising that the only way Tommen can live is with all the support he can get, especially the money from Highgarden.


Jon Snow is still Melisandre's best bet for the reincarnation of Azor Ahai, but I'm wondering if the fact she's so old means she'll have to die to allow him to live? She's always seen snow in the flames, but it is known that only death can pay for life, so does she have the courage to die to bring him back? In the books Catelyn was well dead when she was resurrected (by Thoros of Myr, who didn't die, but wasn't happy about Lady Stoneheart). In the programme Davos only has until sundown, so Melisandre had best nap fast.

Sansa and Theon

YAY!!! How chuffing awesome was that? Hoorah for Brienne and Pod, and hoorah for Theon getting his backbone back (briefly). The scene with Brienne making her oath to Sansa was way better than anything I could have imagined. Marvellous. But what now? Perhaps they are going to make it to the wall after all? Or perhaps news will reach them of Jon's death and they'll turn away, maybe to White Harbour - I'd love to see White Harbour. I still think Theon is headed for the wall though...


Arya's blindness and getting beaten up is a bit boring, so I'm hoping she'll ace her blind stick fighting lessons soon and then maybe she could be dispatched to kill Balon Greyjoy? Someone has to kill the Greyjoy... although perhaps Theon could do it. That would be fun.


Talking of fun... Ramsey has lost his love, and Sansa has left him. His father is threatening to disown him. Perhaps this is the moment for Ramsey to send the pink letter to Jon. But... this moment, when Ramsey has little left to lose, would surely be a good one for him to kill his father, you know, before he stops being heir.

Jon Snow

Jon is STILL dead. Come on Melisandre... Do something!

I wonder if his soul has gone into Ghost? That might have interesting consequences when he is brought back to life, as he surely must be. 

And yet, his watch is over, surely? Ed is bringing the Wildlings to help, and Jon can join with them to defend the North for the fall of the wall, which will surely come if the Watch is to tear itself apart.

So my favourite plotlines this week were Brienne of Fucking Tarth and Jaime and Cersei reunited. The weakest in my view were Dorne, and Arya.

What did you think, and what's going to happen next?